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Charge Zone is an Indian renewable energy solution company. Currently, Charge Zone is developing Charge Zone EV Charging Station infrastructure in India. This EV charging service provider is set to open up two EV charging stations in Mumbai and Vellore. Chargezone aims to set up one million charging points all across India by the year 2030.

Charge Zone EV Charging Station

What is Charge Zone EV Charging Station Infrastructure

Charge Zone is a Vadodra-based technologically-driven electric vehicle charging service provider, that aims to reduce tailpipe emissions all across India. Charge Zone is creating an EV charging ecosystem by integrating solar and wind energy within its EV charging station. Currently, Chargezone is setting up 3,000 points at more than 1,500 EV charging stations in 37 Indian cities. This EV charging service aims to build 3,000 High-Speed DC charging stations by the end of year 2025. It is also planning to set up one million charging points across India by the year 2030.

EV Charging Station

Importance and Benefits of Charge Zone EV Charging Station

Charge Zone is committed to setting up the infrastructure of electric vehicle charging station across India. The development and implementation of EV charging infrastructure will surely contribute to the widespread adoption and success of electric vehicles in India. Here we are sharing some key advantages of Charge Zone EV charging Station.

Charge Zone
  • Helps to Promote Electric Vehicle Adoption- A well-designed and developed EV charging infrastructure will address concerns like driving range anxiety, charging issues, etc. This will encourage more people to adopt electric vehicles and make EV ownership more accessible.
  • Helps to Extend the Driving Range of Electric Vehicles– A well-planned and extended EV charging network across highways and cities provides more EV charging options for EV owners. This will reduce the concerns of electric vehicle owners like running out of battery power and driving range anxiety.
  • Convenience for EV Owners– A widespread charging infrastructure increases the convenience for EV owners. The charging infrastructure allows them to charge their vehicles at various locations like workplaces, public parking lots, and highways.
  • Economic Opportunities– The planning, installation, and maintenance of EV charging infrastructure will create multiple job opportunities and ensure economic growth in sectors like construction, technology, and energy.
  • Tourism and Local Businesses– Areas with well-developed EV charging infrastructure can attract electric vehicle owners. Accessibilities to these areas will boost tourism and benefit local businesses like restaurants, hotels, and attractions. This can also boost tourism.
  • Environmental Benefits– A well-planned EV charging infrastructure is beneficial for electric vehicle adoption. Widespread adoption of EV will positively contribute to the reduction of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Public Awareness– The presence of visible charging infrastructure raises public awareness about electric vehicles and creates a positive perception of electric vehicles
  • Reducing Dependency on Fossil Fuels– A wide Electric Vehicle charging Infrastructure will help in reducing dependency on fossil fuels like petrol, diesel, LPG, etc.
Charge Zone EV charging Station

Location of Charge Zone EV Charging Stations

 Charge Zone is planning to set up more than 1500 electric vehicle charging station across 37 cities in India by the end of year 2025. It is also planning to set up 3000 High-Speed DC (Direct Current) charging around multiple cities in India. Currently, Charge Zone has launched 360 kW super EV charging station in Mumbai and Vellore. You can charge your EV in just 20 mins.

The Charge Zone Super EV charging station at Mumbai and Vellore contains a 180 kW dual gun charger and 360 kW power cabinets. Currently, Chargezone has an EV charging network of over 3,200 charging points across 1,600 EV charging stations in 37 cities. This EV charging station network covers over 10,000 kilometers of highway.

Google Play Store Mobile App

Mobile App of Charge Zone EV Charging Station

Charge Zone mobile app is a useful mobile app offered by Charge Zone EV charging service provider. With this app, you can find the nearest Charge Zone’s charging station. This mobile app provides you with real-time availability of charging points, charging speed, directions to the nearest charging station, payment options, charging session monitoring, etc. You can easily download the Charge Zone mobile app from the Google Play Store.

Electric vehicle charging Infrastructure
How to Charge Electric Vehicles at Charge Zone Charging Station?

 You can conveniently charge your electric vehicle at the Chargezone EV charging Stations. These EV charging stations will be located at multiple locations all across the India in coming years because Chargezone is planning to set up more than one million charging points across India by the Year 2030. Here is a quick guide on how to charge your EV at a charge zone EV charging station.

  • First, make a payment and book a slot for charging at the Charge Zone mobile application
  • Then park your car at the Chargezone EV charging station
  • Plug the charging gun into the charging socket of your electric car
  • Tap on the Start Charging Session tab on your Charge Zone mobile app
  • Each charging session is 90 min
  • If your electric car is above 50% charging level, then it will charge at a slow speed.
  • If it is below 50% charging range then fast charging will automatically get started
  • Once your electric vehicle gets charged, you need to unplug the charging point from your EV and place it back to the charging point holder and now you are ready to go.


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