Terra Charge India EV Charging Station, Locations, Benefits


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The Japanese EV manufacturer Terra Motor Corporation is now entering India in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Terra Charge India is setting up electric vehicle charging infrastructure in India at major cities and towns across India. The well-developed EV charging infrastructure will promote the widespread adoption of electric vehicles in India.

Terra Charge

Terra Charge EV charging Stations in India

Terra Motors is a Japanese EV charging infrastructure and electric vehicle manufacturing Company and currently, it is planning to set up EV charging infrastructure in India. Terra Charge is restructuring the EV charging process with its cutting-edge technologies and reliability. It provides technically advanced DC and Fast EV chargers across India. Apart from setting up EV charging infrastructure in India, Terra Charge is also providing DC and AC Electric vehicle chargers for Residential societies, offices or workplaces, Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, Institutes, Private Businesses, and Fleet Organizations.

Terra Charge

Importance and Benefits of Terra Charge EV Charging Stations

 Terra’s EV charging stations come with multiple perks and pros. You can get reliable EV chargers with world-famous Japanese technologies.

Pros of Terra’s EV Charging Station for Residential Society, Malls, Fleet Owners

  • The Terra’s charging station can be seamlessly installed throughout the premises of your society
  • You will also get the perks of regular maintenance and backend support for an uninterrupted EV charging experience
  • The EV charging Setup can be customized as per the requirement of your housing society
  • 24/7 maintenance and service support and monitoring services for seamless charging experience
  • Easy integration with existing infrastructure
  • Access to Terra Public Charging Stations
  • Customized charging plans, billing, reporting, and payment options for customers
  • Customized charging facility for your electric cars and buses to meet the specific requirements of your fleet.
Terra Charge

Terra Charge Has Entered into EV Charging Infrastructure in India

Terra Charge has now entered India to set up a world-class and reliable electric vehicle charging infrastructure. A well-developed and technically advanced EV charging infrastructure will promote the adoption of electric vehicles in India. The AC and DC electric vehicle chargers of Terra comes with advanced Japanese technology that will reduce the fear of EV owners of running out of power during long drive. The Terra’s fast chargers will charge electric vehicles in a fraction of the time thus reducing the downtime.

EV Charging Infrastructure

Location of Terra Charge EV Charging Station in India

Terra Charge is planning to set up 800 to 1000 EV charging stations across various locations in India to provide a seamless charging experience to EV owners in India. It is expected that these EV charging stations will be deployed at the end of year 2024. Currently, Terra has officially installed an EV charging station in Haryana and it is also planning to expand this network of EV charging stations to Maharashtra and West Bengal in the coming months.

EV Charging Stations in India
Types of EV Chargers of Terra Charge

Terra Charge is offering AC and DC EV chargers in India. Terra’s chargers come with fast as well as standard charging configurations. Terra’s EV chargers are reliable and come with advanced Japanese technology. Here we are sharing details of EV Chargers offered by Terra Charge

  • 7.7 kW AC Charger charger is ideal for businesses who want fast, efficient, and reliable EV chargers at their premises.
  • 82 kW DC Charger– This charger is specially designed for charging stations for fast and convenient EV charging.
  • 3.3 kW AC Charger– It is a budget-friendly charger ideal for your home use.


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