Audi Praises India’s New EV Policy: Plans to Setup EV Manufacturing Unit


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Electric vehicle manufacturers are very encouraged by India’s new policy, German auto manufacturer Audi also praises the electric vehicle policy of the Indian Government. In an official statement, Audi India has said that they are planning to set up an electric vehicle manufacturing facility in India. Currently, Audi is selling completely built units (CBU) of electric vehicles under the brand name of e-Tron. If Audi India sets up its electric vehicle manufacturing facility in India, then we can expect that the price of Audi’s luxury electric cars will go down in the future.  Currently, the electric vehicles of Audi are imported in India with high custom duty ranging from 60% to 100%.

Audi Praises India’s New EV Policy

Indian EV Policy is Praised by German Auto Giant Audi

The new electric vehicle policy of India has encouraged the top management of Audi India in a positive way. The vice president of Audi sales overseas Andre Konsbruck has lauded the India EV Policy and said “It is a first market (India) which has seen a specific intervention from the government towards the premium cars and that will help in accelerating the localization of premium cars which will automatically drive demand. All these kinds of policies along with GST benefit – all small steps add up and will help in driving demand.”

The head of Audi India Balbir Singh Dhillon said that they are actively discussing the local manufacturing of Audi electric vehicles with Audi’s global headquarters. He also said that Hopefully, we should have some solution at some point in time. That is the time when you can reach even more (set of customers) because then you will get the best advantage in terms of price point”. He further added, “I think the next 2-3 years will be very crucial (2024-2026). These years will see many more new electric cars coming at different price points. Then I think our reach to our existing customers or first-time buyers will go up.”

Currently, Audi is Manufacturing Its ICE Vehicles in India

Currently, Audi India is manufacturing its internal combustion engine vehicles like A4, A6, Q3, Q5, and Q7, in its Indian manufacturing facility located in Aurangabad Maharashtra. Audi India is known for its luxury and performance-oriented cars in India. The electric cars of Audi are completely imported as sold under the Audi e-Tron category.

What is India’s New Electric Vehicle Policy?

Under India’s new electric policy, foreign Electric vehicle manufacturers are required to invest at least ₹4,150 crore over a period of three years in India to set up electric vehicle manufacturing units in India. Electric vehicle companies are required to achieve 50% of domestic value addition within five years and local manufacturing operations by three years are also compulsory. If EV manufacturers comply with all these conditions, then they can import at least 8000 vehicles per year at a minimum price of Rs.29 lakh per vehicle at a reduced import duty of 15%.


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