BYD Replaced Tesla and Becomes World’s Biggest Electric Car Seller


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Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD replaces Tesla Inc. and grabs the title of the world’s biggest electric car seller in the fourth quarter of the year 2023. As per the reports, in the final quarter of the year 2023, Tesla delivered 4,84,500 electric vehicles worldwide while BYD Electric delivered 5,26,400 electric vehicles. It is expected that BYD Electric will also maintain its position in the year 2024. BYD is world famous for its more affordable electric car as compared to Tesla. It is also important to note that BYD Electric is also expanding its footprint in countries like India, Mexico, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc.

World’s Biggest Electric Car Seller

Overview and Details of BYD Auto Co Ltd

BYD (Build Your Dreams) is a Chinese multinational electric vehicle and rechargeable batteries manufacturing company. The BYD is founded by former university professor Wang Chuanfu in the year 1995 as a rechargeable battery manufacturing company and the headquarters of BYD is situated in China’s Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Over the years BYD has gained dominance in the global electric vehicle market and now it has become one of the largest electric vehicle manufacturers in the world. Currently, BYD has a presence in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, etc and they are also expanding business opportunities in different parts of the world.


BYD Replaces Tesla and Becomes the World’s Biggest Electric Car Seller

Tesla is the world’s leading electric car manufacturer but in the last quarter of the year 2023, BYD replaced Tesla and became the world’s biggest electric car seller. As per the sales report, BYD has delivered 5,26,400 electric vehicles while Tesla delivered 4,84,500 EVs. The official statement from the BYD stated that “Going forward, BYD will continue to promote the overseas expansion of passenger cars and continue to accelerate the global expansion of new-energy passenger cars”. The company also praised China’s policy for the EV sector and said “Looking back, we feel more and more strongly that it was the reform and opening-up that gave birth to BYD, and it was the new development concept that created huge opportunities that strengthened BYD”.

In India BYD is one of the leading electric car manufacturers and currently, BYD is selling BYD Atto 3, BYD Seal, and BYD E6. BYD is also planning to grab 90% of India’s EV market share by launching other electric vehicle models in the coming years.


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