Upcoming Electric Scooters in India (2024) by OLA and Ather


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OLA and Ather Energy are India’s most popular electric two-wheeler brands. Electric vehicles of both these brands are well received in India because of their well-engineered products and market-leading after-sales service. As we know electric vehicle is the future of transportation and in coming years more and more people will adopt electric vehicle as their daily drive. Ola and Ather are also planning to launch multiple electric vehicles such as electric scooters and electric motorcycles in the Indian and overseas markets. In this article, we will talk about upcoming electric scooters in India by Ola and Ather.

Upcoming Electric Scooters in India by Ola and Ather

Current Line-up of OLA Electric Scooters in India

Ola is the best-selling and trusted electric scooter brand in India. OLA was founded by Bhavish Aggarwal in the year 2017 as a ridesharing company and in the year 2019, OLA Electric was founded and received a record-breaking 500,000 bookings of its electric scooters in the very first month of availability. From then onwards there is no turn-around for Ola. Currently, Ola is offering 4 electric scooter models in India

Current Line-up of OLA Electric Scooters in India Ola S1 pro
  1. OLA S1 Pro 2nd Gen
Riding Range/Charge195Km/Charge
Kerb Weight125 Kg
Top Speed120 Km/h
Battery Warranty3 Years/40000Km
Charging Time 0 to 80%6 Hours and 30 Minutes
Motor Power11 kW
Price (Ex Showroom Delhi)Rs 1,47,499 Onwards
Ola s1 pro 2nd generation
  • OLA S1 Pro
Riding Range/Charge181Km/Charge
Kerb Weight125 Kg
Top Speed116 Km/h
Battery Warranty3 Years/40000Km
Charging Time 0 to 80%6 hours 30 Minutes
Motor Power8.5 kW
Price (Ex Showroom Delhi)Rs 1,39,999 Onwards
Ola S1 X
  • OLA S1 X+
Riding Range/Charge151Km/Charge
Kerb Weight101 Kg
Top Speed85 Km/h
Battery Warranty3 Years/40000Km
Charging Time 0 to 80%7 Hours 40 Minutes
Motor Power6 kW
Price (Ex-Showroom Delhi)Rs 1,09,999 Onwards
  • OLA S1 X
Riding Range/Charge95Km/Charge
Kerb Weight101 Kg
Top Speed90 Km/h
Battery Warranty3 Years/40000Km
Charging Time 0 to 80%7 Hours 40 Minutes
Motor Power6 kW
Price (Ex Showroom Delhi)Rs 89,999 Onwards
Upcoming Electric Scooters in India  by Ola

Upcoming Electric Scooters in India by OLA

Ola has announced the upcoming launch of its five electric bikes in the year 2024. It is anticipated that these electric motorcycles will built on a flexible platform. This much-awaited flexible platform can be used for the development of multiple bikes. These electric bikes are expected to deliver the same performance level of 125cc to 150cc petrol engine-powered motorcycles.

We can expect these OLA electric bikes to be launched in the middle of year 2024 and the price of these Ola Electric bikes is estimated to be around Rs 1.5 lakh. The list of OLA upcoming bike are as follows

Ola Adventure

Upcoming Electric Bikes in India by OLA

  • OLA Adventure

Ola Adventure is expected to be launched in the 2nd Quarter of the year 2024. This bike will be ideal for adventure-seeking riders, who want an electric bike with touring and adventure capabilities. This adventure is expected to provide dual-purpose tyres, long riding range, adequate ground clearance etc.

Expected Riding Range300 Km/Charge
Kerb Weight145kg (expected)
Top Speed145km/h (expected)
Battery Warranty4 years/50000 kms (expected)
Motor Power15kw (expected)
Price (Ex Showroom Delhi)Around Rs 3 Lakhs (expected
Ola Roadster
  • OLA Roadster

 As of now, we don’t know much about Ola Roadster but it is expected that the performance of this bike will match the performance of 125-150cc petrol-powered bikes.

Expected Riding Range170Km/Charge
Kerb Weight135kg (expected)
Top Speed110km/h (expected)
Battery Warranty5 years/50000 kms (expected)
Motor Power11kw (expected)
Price (Ex Showroom Delhi)Around Rs 1.5 Lakhs (expected
Ola Diamondhead
  • OLA Diamondhead

Ola Diamondhead will be one of the best-looking electric bikes in the supersport category. Ola unveiled the concept design of the ola diamondhead and it features LED headlamps, a digital console meter, a hub-centered steering system, clip-on handlebars etc.

Expected Riding Range300Km/Charge
Kerb Weight207kg (expected)
Top Speed160km/h (expected)
Battery Warranty5 years/50000 kms (expected)
Motor Power30kw (expected)
Price (Ex Showroom Delhi)Around Rs 4.5 Lakhs (expected
Upcoming Electric Scooters in India  by Ather

Current Line-up of Ather Energy Electric Scooters in India

Ather is another trusted Indian brand of electric two-wheelers in India. Ather offers the fastest and most technically advanced electric scooters in India. Ather Energy is founded by Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain in the year 2013, then after Hero Motocorp invested a heavy amount in Ather Energy and currently it holds a 34.58% stake in Ather Energy. Currently, Ather is offering 2 models of electric scooters in India.

Ather 450X
  1. Ather 450X
Riding Range/Charge111Km to 150km/Charge
Kerb Weight111.6 Kg
Top Speed90 Km/h
Battery Warranty3 Years to 5 Years
Charging Time 0 to 80%5 hours 50 minutes
Motor Power6.4 kW
Price (Ex Showroom Delhi)Rs 1.26 to 1.29 lakhs Onwards
Ather 450s
  • Ather 450S
Riding Range/Charge115Km/Charge
Kerb Weight108 Kg
Top Speed90 Km/h
Battery Warranty3 Years to 5 Years
Charging Time 0 to 80%6 Hours 36 Minutes
Motor Power5.4 kW
Price (Ex Showroom Delhi)Rs 1.18 lakhs Onwards
Ather Deep View LCD screen

Upcoming Electric Scooters in India by Ather Energy

 In an event, Ather Energy has announced to launch of up-to three new electric in the Indian market. Ather Energy has confirmed that they are not planning to launch electric bikes any soon because right now they are completely focusing on electric scooters. Upcoming scooters will be more family-oriented rather than performance scooters.

Ather Upcoming Scooter (Expected)

Ather’s upcoming scooter will expect to get a less slightly less powerful motor as compared to 1st generation model. We expect that the upcoming Ather electric scooter will be slightly larger and it can also feature a much larger seat for comfortable ride quality. We also expect that this scooter will house more storage space under the seat as compared to the 22-litre capacity of the Ather 450. The new upcoming scooter from Ather Energy will expect to get both standard battery packs as well as long-range battery packAther’s upcoming scooter can use the more technically advanced Deep View LCD screen in its console

Other than this Ather Energy is also planning to launch one more performance-oriented scooter Ather Apex in India. It is expected that Ather Apex will be the fastest electric scooter in its category. Ather will launch Apex to commemorate its 10th anniversary.


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