How to Combat Range Anxiety: 5 Ultimate Tips to Maximize EV Range


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The most common issue faced by EV owners is range anxiety, a fear of running out of power. As we know nowadays the popularity of electric vehicles is increasing a lot, more and more people like to buy and drive electric vehicles because the cost of running and maintaining electric vehicles is much cheaper than petrol and diesel-powered vehicles. Electric vehicle owners face this issue of range anxiety due to the lack of a sufficient number of charging stations to charge their electric vehicles. Today in this article we will talk about what is range anxiety, how to combat it, and 10 ultimate tips to maximize the driving range of electric vehicles.

Range Anxiety

What is Range Anxiety in Electric Vehicles?

Range anxiety in electric vehicles is a fear or concern of running out of battery power before reaching their destination. This is the most common issue faced by EV owners. It is a psychological barrier that most EV owners are facing right now, and it also influences their decision-making and perception of electric vehicles.

The limited driving range of electric vehicles on a single battery charge is the main reason behind the range anxiety. Traditional ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle owner can refuel their vehicle at any gas station relatively because of the widespread availability of gas stations or petrol pumps. However, the limited availability of electric vehicle charging stations is a major contributing factor for driving range anxiety.

How to Combat Range Anxiety

Key Factors Contributing to Range Anxiety

  • Limited Driving Range of EVs– It is a sad reality that most electric vehicles come with a limited driving range. But it is also true that various vehicle manufacturing companies are offering a highly engineered electric vehicle that offers long driving ranges, especially for longer journeys.
  • Limiter EV Charging Infrastructure– The limited availability and accessibility of charging stations in India and other developing countries are also influencing range anxiety among EV owners. Electric vehicle owners are always stressed about the availability of charging points and charging stations on the route to their destination.
  • Long EV Charging Time– We know that electric vehicle charging technology is advancing but still the EV charging time is multiple times longer than filling a gas tank. The time it takes to recharge is also a source of range anxiety for drivers who have tight traveling schedules or those who are traveling on long trips.
  • Inconvenient EV Charging Experience– Electric vehicle owners find the process of charging EVs less convenient as compared to refueling at a gas station or petrol pump this is the reason that is also contributing to concerns about range and the overall practicality of electric vehicles.
EV Car Charging Station

10 Important Tips on How to Combat Range Anxiety?

Now Electric vehicle manufacturers are improving the efficiency of EV batteries continually to increase the driving range of electric vehicles. Multiple private entities and the Government of India are also investing heavily to set up EV charging infrastructure all across the country. Here we are sharing 10 important tips to combat range anxiety.

  • Choose a Vehicle with a Long Driving Range- We advise you to opt for an electric vehicle that offers a longer driving range so that you can plan your typical daily commutes or occasional longer trips easily without worrying about driving range.
  • Understand the Pattern of Your Driving– It is important to analyze your typical driving habits and patterns. Knowing your driving pattern will help you in analyzing whether your EV aligns with your lifestyle or not. So that you can plan your daily commute and other routine trips without any issues.
  • Educate Yourself with the Location of EV Charging Stations– You should familiarize yourself with the locations of charging stations on your regular routes and at your destination, this will boost confidence and eliminate the concerns about finding a charging point when needed.
  • Use EV Mobile Apps and Navigation Systems– You can use EV-specific apps and navigation systems that provide real-time information about charging station locations, availability, and compatibility with your vehicle.
  • Plan Your Routes– Plan your route in advance for your longer trips while considering the locations of charging stations. This advance route planning will ensure that you are aware of the charging station and minimize events of unexpected disruptions.
  • Practice Efficient Driving Habits– Adopt energy-efficient driving practices like gentle acceleration, steady speed, and effective use of regenerative braking to maximize the driving range of your EV.
  • Maintain Battery Health– We advise you to strictly follow the guidelines of the manufacturer for maintaining the health of the battery of your electric vehicle. You should avoid things like frequently charging to 100% or discharging to 0% for better longevity and performance of the battery
  • Overcome Psychological Barriers– Admit that range anxiety is a psychological factor, therefore educate yourself about the capabilities of your electric vehicle. Praise the growing charging infrastructure, and understand that you are contributing to a safe and green environment by adopting electric vehicles.
  • Support Charging Infrastructure Expansion– You should support government initiatives and policies that encourage the development and expansion of charging infrastructure
Tips for maintaining EV Battery health

5 Tips to Maximize Driving Range of Electric Vehicles

As of now, the battery of electric vehicles is offered with advanced technologies. EV companies are spending billions of dollars in improving the range and capabilities of EV batteries. Please note that we should also take care of the battery of our electric vehicle ourselves so that the battery of our electric vehicle continues to run without any problem for a long time. Here we are sharing 5 tips to maximize the battery life of your EV.  

  • Efficient Driving Habits– You can adopt energy-efficient driving habits like gentle acceleration, maintaining a steady speed, etc to improve the driving range of your electric vehicle. Using regenerative braking also helps in converting kinetic energy back into stored energy in the battery.
  • Optimised Use of Climate Control– Air-conditioning systems always lower the driving range of electric vehicles. You can Precondition your EV while it’s still plugged. This preconditioning of electric vehicles will help in regulating the interior temperature without drawing power from the battery.
  • Maintaining Tire Pressure– Proper tire maintenance plays a crucial role in maximizing EV range. Under-inflated tires create more resistance and decrease efficiency. You should regularly check and maintain the recommended tire pressure for long-range.
  • Proper Route Planning and Navigation Apps– You can use EV-oriented mobile navigation apps and you should plan your traveling route by keeping in mind the availability of ample EV charging stations on your decided roads and highways.
  • Battery Health Maintenance– Keeping the EV battery in good health is very essential for maintaining optimal range.
Final Words

The ongoing innovations and advancements in electric vehicles, EV battery technology, and EV charging infrastructure the indications of the bright future for electric vehicles. The range anxiety in electric vehicle owners will surely diminish after the implementation of advanced battery technology and improvement in EV charging infrastructure. 


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