Kia PBV Concept Electric Vehicles: PV1, PV5, PV7 Details, Price


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Kia PBV is a lineup of concept Purpose Built Vehicle. These electric vehicles are designed and optimized to meet the demands of specific customers. The components of Kia PBVs are swappable and they can interchange to adapt to different needs. Kia’s Purpose-built lineup contains multiple electric vehicles that are designed for uses like delivery vans, police vehicles, family vans, food trucks, etc. Currently, the Kia PBV is in its concept phase but we can expect that when Kia Motors launches its PBV electric vehicle it will take the market by storm because of the practicality they offer. Currently, Kia Motors is selling Kia EV6 and Kia EV9 electric cars globally. Today we will talk in detail about the Kia PV1, PV5, and PV7 Purpose built concept electric vehicle and their expected price and launch in India.

Kia PBV Lineup

What is Kia PBV?

Kia PBV is a purpose-built electric vehicle, in simple words, Kia PBV is Kia’s concept lineup of electric vehicles that are designed and developed purposely to cater to specific needs. The key feature of the Kia purpose-built electric vehicle is the adaptability of the vehicle to cater to different needs. The components of Kia PBVs like the hybrid coupling unit, locking unit, and life modules are adaptable and easily swappable. Kia PBV can change into a different vehicle with just a single component swap.  Kia PBV is in its concept phase as of now. Kia Motors has revealed the models of its PBV range on its official website. Kia has revealed its PV1, PV5, and PV7 concept PBVs on its website.

PV5 concept electric vehicle

How Would Kia PBV Take the EV Market By Storm?

Kia purpose-built vehicle (PBV) will take the electric vehicle market by storm because it offers an adaptable platform in a single electric vehicle. The platform of Kia PBVs is adaptable and swappable means a single electric vehicle can be effortlessly customized or transformed into a whole different vehicle. This sustainable mobility platform will change the future and practicality of electric vehicles on a whole different level. The Kia PBVs will connect with external data like route or delivery information to provide a seamless and convenient operation of multiple vehicles.  

Kia EV6 Electric Car

The Kia’s PBV lineup will help transportation fleet owners and logistic companies with advanced and optimized fleet management system-controlled digital data so that they can earn more profit sustainably without impacting the environment negatively.

Kia PV1

Current Lineup of Kia PBV Concept Electric Vehicles

As of now, Kia Motors has showcased 3 electric concept vehicles PV1, PV5, and PV7 in its Purpose built lineup. Let’s talk more about the lineup of KIA’s PBV concept electric vehicles.

Kia New electric vehicle

Kia PV1 Concept Electric Vehicle

The Kia PV1 is the smallest concept electric vehicle in the KIA’s PBV lineup. The Kia PV1 is designed to cater the urban goods and passenger transportation. The Kia PV1 is specifically designed for urban mobility needs in very tight spaces or city traffic. The concept Kia PV1 EV is ideal for last-mile delivery services and passenger transportation.

KIA PBV Use case

Dimension of Concept Kia PB1 EV

  • Length: 3,210mm
  • Width: 1,675mm
  • Height: 1,715mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,210mm

Kia PV5 Concept Electric Vehicle

The Kia PV5 is a multiutility concept electric vehicle and Kia Motors is planning to launch the PV5 in the year 2025. The Kia PV5 will be available in three different body types Passenger vehicle, delivery van, high-roof delivery van chassis cab, and robotaxi. This concept electric vehicle will be ideal for passenger transportation, delivery services as well as goods carrier. Kia Motors is also planning to use autonomous driving technology in the Kia PV5 so that it can also be used as a self-driving robotaxi.

Dimension of Concept Kia Pv5 EV

PV5 Passenger Vehicle

  • Length: 4,645mm
  • Width: 1,900mm
  • Height: 1,900mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,995mm

PV5 Delivery Van

  • Length: 4,645mm
  • Width: 1,900mm
  • Height: 1,900mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,995mm

PV5 High Roof Delivery Van

  • Length: 4,645mm
  • Width: 1,900mm
  • Height: 2,200mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,995mm

PV5 Chassis Cab

  • Length: 4,275mm
  • Width: 1,900mm
  • Height: 1,900mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,995mm

PV5 RoboTaxi

  • Length: 4,645mm
  • Width: 1,960mm
  • Height: 2,080mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,995mm
 PV7 Concept Purpose Built Vehicle
Kia PV7 Concept Electric Vehicle

The KIA PV7 is the largest concept vehicle in Kia’s current PBV lineup. The PV7 offers the largest cargo space. All the features of Kia’s PV5 are offered in the Kia PV7 concept EV. The PV7 is highly optimized for customers’ requirements and business needs making it an ideal PBV for delivery businesses, logistic or distribution companies, passenger transportation, etc.

Dimension of Kia PV7 Concept Electric Vehicle

  • Length: 5,270mm
  • Width: 2,065mm
  • Height: 2,120mm
  • Wheelbase: 3,390mm
Hyundai Purpose Built vehicles

What is the Price of a Kia Purpose-Built Vehicle?

Currently, KIA’s PBV lineup is in its concept phase and Kia Motors is planning to launch the PV5 concept EV in the year 2025. The Price of Kia’s PBV vehicle lineup is not disclosed by Kia Motors. We will update our page as soon as we get the official statement about the price of the PBV vehicle from Kia Motors.


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