India’s First Sodium Ion Battery by Sodion Energy: Launch Date


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Hyderabad-based leading energy company Sodion Energy launched India’s first sodium-ion battery on 16th Feb 2024. Sodium batteries can be used in multiple applications like UPS, Electric Vehicle Battery Packs, etc. Bala Pachyappa the co-founder of Sodion Energy says that the sodium Ion battery comes with multiple advantages as compared to other chemistry batteries like lead acid batteries, li-ion batteries etc.

 Sodium Ion Battery

What is a Sodium Ion Battery?

A sodium-ion battery (Na-ion battery) is a rechargeable battery that uses sodium ions as the charge carriers. Sodium ion batteries are the alternative to lithium-ion batteries and lead acid batteries and these batteries are developed as a potential solution for energy storage. Sodium the charge carrier of Sodium-ion batteries is 500 times more abundant as compared to lithium ion, it makes Na-ion batteries more affordable as compared to lithium ion batteries. The basic operation of a sodium-ion battery involves the movement of sodium ions between the anode and cathode during the charging and discharging cycles.

 Sodium Ion Battery

Features of Sodium-Ion Batteries

Here we are sharing features of Sodium Ion batteries-

  • Widely Abundant– Sodium is 500 times more abundant as compared to lithium. Wide abundance can lower sodium-ion batteries’ material costs and contribute to more sustainable and cost-effective energy storage solutions.
  • Low Manufacturing Cost– Sodium-ion batteries are more cost-effective when it comes to manufacturing due to the lower cost of sodium-based materials.
  • Low Environmental Impact– Sodium-ion batteries have a lower environmental impact as compared to lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. The wide abundance of sodium will reduce reliance on scarce materials like lithium thus contributing to a more sustainable energy storage solution.
  • Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure– Sodium-ion batteries can easily manufactured into existing manufacturing infrastructure designed for lithium-ion batteries with very minimum modifications.
  • Applications in Grid Energy Storage– Sodium-ion batteries can be considered for grid energy storage applications because of their low cost and the ability to store large amounts of energy. This can help in stabilizing the grid and incorporating renewable energy sources effectively.
  • Safety Advantages– Sodium-ion battery comes with multiple safety advantages. For example, sodium is less reactive than lithium, which can contribute to safer battery designs
  • Similar Electrochemical Characteristics to Lithium-ion– The multiple Electrochemical characteristics of sodium-ion batteries are similar to lithium-ion batteries’ characteristics thus making it relatively easier to adapt existing technology and knowledge for their development
Sodion Energy launches India's first sodium ion battery

Comparison of Sodium Ion Battery with Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid Battery

ComparisonSodium-ionLithium-ionLead Acid
ChemistrySodium ions (Na+) as charge carriers and sodium-based compounds for the anode and cathodeLithium ions (Li+) for charge transport and lithium-containing materials in the anode and cathodeExtraction and disposal of lithium, cobalt, and other materials is a concern to the environment but the recycling efforts are increasing.
Energy DensityLow energy densityHigh energy densityLow energy density
Cycle LifeLow cycle life as compared to lithium-ionGood cycle lifeModerate Cycle life
CostLow costExpensiveLow cost but cost of ownership is high
ApplicationGrid energy storage, UPS, EVs, Starter Battery, solar energy storage, etcPortable electronics, electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, electric vehicles, smartphones, etcAutomotive starting batteries, UPS
Environmental ImpactEco-friendly and low environmental impactContain Lead and sulphuric acid which are very toxic to the environmentContain Lead and sulphuric acid which is very toxic to the environment

Sodion Energy Launch Sodium Ion Battery on 16th Feb 2024

According to Sodion Energy, sodium-ion batteries offer multiple benefits as compared to other chemistry batteries like safety, cost-effectiveness, and extended service life. The co-founder of Sodion Energy, Mr Bala Pachyappa, called the Sodium Ion battery a “lead acid killer,” emphasizing its potential to surpass traditional technologies. Hyderabad-based sodium ion battery manufacturer, Sodion Energy is planning to launch a nationwide awareness campaign and roadshows to inform the public of the feasibility and improved safety applications of the sodium ion batteries.


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