Hopcharge Doorstep EV Charging Service in India: Charges, App, Price


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Hopcharge is a doorstep EV charging service and solution-providing startup in India. Hopcharge provides hassle-free mobile EV charging services anytime anywhere any day. You can book your EV charging appointment from the Hopcharge mobile app. This EV charging service is a boon for those electric vehicle owners whose battery has gone down and they are not in a position to charge it because they are at work or on the highway. This service will cost you around Rs.20/kWh. In this article, we will discuss details like price, charges, location, how to contact Hopcharge, etc.

Hopcharge Doorstep EV Charging Service

What is Hopcharge Doorstep EV Charging Service?

Hopcharge is the world’s first doorstep electric vehicle (EV) charging service provider. It is an on-demand zero grid charging service for electric vehicles As we know electric vehicles come with a limited driving range and electric vehicle charging infrastructure in India is still in the evolving phase due to which there is range anxiety among the owners of electric vehicles. If the battery of their electric vehicle gets discharged on the highway, at the workplace, etc then the EV owner have to face a lot of problems and many times they have to get their car towed. Hopcharge is a solution for all these EV charging problems.

Hopcharge Doorstep electric vehicle charging service

How Does Hopcharge EV Charging Service Works?

If you notice that the battery of your electric vehicle has been discharged or is about to get discharged on the highway or at the workplace, in such a situation you can avail the doorstep charging service of HopeCharge. Under this service, Hopcharge will provide you fast EV charger on a mobile EV charging van at your given location through which you can charge your vehicle. You can avail the Hopcharge EV charging service anywhere, anytime, and any day

Hopcharge Doorstep EV Charging Service Charges

Price and Cost of  Hopcharge’s Doorstep EV Charging Service

Hopcharge is a plug-and-play EV on-demand mobile EV charging service that offers fast EV charging service at your doorstep. The Price of the Hopcharge Electric vehicle charging service will cost you around Rs.3- Rs.4 per kilometer, this amount will convert to around Rs.20/ kWh. For example, the base variant of Tata Nexon EV comes with a 30.2 kWh battery pack and recharging it up to the 100% will cost you somewhere around Rs.600. Yes! no doubt it is costly as compared to charging your EV at home or EV charging stations but Hopcharge offers you convenience and minimizes the need for expensive grid updates and it saves the valuable time of EV owners. But it is expected that Hopcharge will cut the price of its doorstep electric vehicle charging service after the widespread adoption of its services.

 Electric vehicle Charging Service

Hopcharge EV Charging Slot Booking Procedure

You can book the Hopcharge’s doorstep EV charging service slot for your EV from the mobile application of the Hopcharge. The Hopcharge’s mobile application is available for both Android and IOS users. You can install the Hopcharge mobile application from the Google Play store or Apple Store.


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