Electric Scooter Battery Replacement Cost In India – Ola S1 Pro, Ather 450x and others


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Electric two-wheelers are now getting popular in India. Electric two-wheeler companies like OLA, Ather, Bajaj, etc are introducing new electric two-wheelers regularly. EVs are getting popular because of low running cost and zero carbon emission but after a given period, batteries of these EVs need to be replaced for better performance. Battery is the main and most expensive component of any electric vehicle Today in this blog we will discuss Electric Scooter Battery Replacement Cost In India. We will especially talk about the battery replacement cost of electric scooter models like OLA S1 Pro, Ather 450x, TVS iQube, Hero VIDA V1, etc.

Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Popular Electric Scooters Available in India

Indian Electric Two Wheeler market is flooded with more than 324 electric scooter models available. It is hard to choose which one is the most performance-oriented electric scooter. Our team of experienced automotive experts shortlist the 3 best scooters in terms of performance, riding range, and battery life.

Ola S1 Pro
  • OLA S1 Pro– Ola S1 Pro is one of the most aesthetically appealing scooters in the Indian market. S1 Pro was launched by the Indian ride-sharing company OLA. This scooter has been one of the highest-selling scooters in the Indian market since its launch.

Specifications of Ola S1 Pro

Motor Power5.5kw
Charging Time (0% to 100%)6.5 Hours
Riding Range195km/charge
Type of BatteryLi-ion
Battery Warranty3 Years or 40000km
Electric Scooter Battery Replacement Cost
  • Ather 450X- Ather 450X is another popular electric scooter in the Indian market. Apart from visually appealing Ather 450X is also known for its low-cost maintenance and onboard navigation system. Hub mounted driving motor of Ather 450x is very reliable.

Specifications of Ather 450X

Motor Power6.4kw
Charging Time (0% to 80%)4hr 30min
Riding Range111km/Charge
Type of BatteryLi-ion
Battery Warranty3 Years
Electric Scooter Battery Replacement Cost
  • TVS iQube– TVS iQube is an electric scooter launched by popular Indian two-wheeler manufacturer TVS. TVS iQube comes with multiple market-leading features like a complete LED lighting system, and TFT instrument features such as navigation, geo-fencing, range estimation, battery charge status, etc.

Specifications of TVS iQube

Motor Power4.4kw
Charging Time (0% to 80%)5 Hours
Riding Range100km/charge
Type of BatteryLi-ion
Battery Warranty3 Years Warranty

Lithium-Ion Batteries in Electric Scooters in India

Lithium-ion batteries are primarily used in most of the electric vehicles in India. These lithium-ion batteries are also used commonly in electric scooters because of their high energy density, lightweight, and long cycle life. The technology of electric vehicles is still evolving and in the future, we might see cutting-edge technology in the battery performance of EVs. We might see more advanced and environment sodium-ion batteries instead of Li-ion batteries.

Electric Scooter Battery Replacement Cost

Factors Affecting the Health of Electric Scooter Batteries in India

The health and performance of the batteries of electric scooters can be affected by multiple reasons. It is very important to maintain the health of the battery of your vehicle for maximum performance. Here we are discussing the factors affecting the health of the battery of your electric scooter in India.

  • Extreme Temperature– Extreme hot or cold temperatures can negatively affect the life of the battery of your EV. High temperatures can speed up the process of battery degradation and very cold temperatures will reduce the efficiency and capacity of the battery of your EV.
  • Depth of Discharge (DoD) – Frequently using a high percentage of the battery capacity will lead to a deep depth of discharge and this factor is the most common reason for battery degradation. We advise you to keep the battery of your EV in between 20% and 80% to prolong battery life.
  • Fast Charging Speed- The fast charging feature is convenient but can generate excess heat which will affect overall battery health. Slow and steady charging is considered a better option for long-term battery health.
  • Charging Cycle– The lifespan of the batteries of EVs is affected by the number of charge or discharge cycles it undergoes. Lithium-ion batteries have a limited number of charging cycles before their capacity starts to degrade.
  • Storing at the High State of Charge– Leaving your EV with fully charged batteries for an extended period in very high or low temperatures will affect the life of the battery negatively. We recommend you store your EV with a partial charge if it is not going to be used for a long duration of time.
  • Manufacturing Quality– The life of the EV battery also depends on the manufacturing quality. The quality of the battery and its major components like anode and cathode materials, can impact the life and performance of the battery.
  • Software and Battery Management– Improper and laggy software and battery management systems in EVs can affect the life and performance of the battery negatively.
  • Driving Habits– The driving habit is one of the main reasons for battery degradation. Aggressive driving habits, fast acceleration, and hard braking can increase the load on the battery and impact its health.
  • Maintenance and Care– Regular maintenance of your electric vehicle like proper tire pressure, wheel alignment, and cooling system maintenance can indirectly affect the health of the battery of your EV.
  • Age– All batteries naturally degrade over time even when not in use. Battery aging occurs even if your electric vehicle is not actively being driven.

Electric Scooter Battery Replacement Cost in India

The cost of electric scooter battery replacement in India depends on multiple factors like the model of the scooter, the capacity of the battery, quality of the battery, model and technology of the battery, etc. The proper maintenance, adequate and care of the battery can lead to longer battery life of your EV. Proper maintenance of electric vehicles and batteries can help you to control and reduce the battery replacement cost. The cost of the battery of electric vehicles is currently high in India because the technology and adoption of EVs in India is currently in the infancy phase. The cost of battery packs of electric vehicles will surely go down in the future when more and more people adopt electric vehicles as their preferred means of transportation.

Ola S1 Pro Battery Pack

Battery Replacement Cost of OLA S1 in India

Ola uses a lithium-ion battery pack in its electric scooter range, it comes with a standard battery warranty of 3 years. But when you need to replace the battery of your electric scooter, then it will surely dig a deep hole in your pocket. The battery pack for the OLA S1 is expected to be priced at Rs 66,549 and the battery pack for the OLA S1 Pro is expected to be priced at Rs 87,298 which is around 70% of the total cost of the new scooter. We hope and expect that when the new rules & regulations of importing li-ion batteries are rolled out the price will surely go down

Ather 450X Battery Pack

Battery Replacement Cost of Ather 450X in India

Ather uses a lithium-ion battery pack in its electric scooter range. Ather provides a warranty of 3 years and unlimited kilometers in all its scooter battery packs. According to the community manager of Ather Energy, he says that they are expecting the cost of Li-ion cells to go down in the upcoming years, which can bring the whole cost of lithium-ion batteries down to approximately ₹20000. It means after 3 years you need to pay near about Rs20000 for the new battery pack of your Ather 450X and we think that it is not a bad deal.

Battery Replacement Cost of TVS iQube in India

Battery Replacement Cost of TVS iQube in India

TVS Motor is offering a 3-year standard warranty and 5-year/70000kms extended warranty on the battery pack of its TVS iQube scooter. We would like to tell you that multiple websites are stating that the battery pack of iQube will cost Rs 25000 but still, there is no official confirmation from the side of TVS Motors. So whenever we get the confirmation of the price of the replacement battery, we will update it here.

Final Words

Finally, we want to tell you that the cost of the replacement battery pack is still not confirmed. The cost of replacement will surely go down in the coming years because the use and adoption of electric vehicles in India are still in the early stages. We would like you to note that battery replacement costs can change over time, and the prices can differ from one location or service center to another. Electric Scooter Battery Replacement Costs in India will go deep down due to advancements in battery technology and improvements in EV design in the upcoming year.


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