E Rickshaw Battery Price In India- Types, Brand, Cost, Warranty


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Lead Acid battery is commonly used in E Rickshaw because of its low price and longer lifespan. E Rickshaw is the most common last-mile means of transportation in India. It is very popular in urban as well as rural areas because of its affordability and eco-friendly nature. Brands like Mahindra, Mayuri, Atul, and Kinetic are the top 10 E- Rickshaw sellers of India As of now, E Rickshaws are considered sustainable and cost-effective alternatives to Cycle rickshaws and auto rickshaws. Today in this article we will discuss the e-rickshaw battery price in India, the types of batteries used in e-rickshaw, and battery warranty and cost.

E Rickshaw Battery Price

What is E Rickshaw?

E-rickshaw is a three-wheeled electric vehicle that is designed for short-distance last-mile transportation of passengers and goods in urban and rural areas. E Rickshaw is powered by lead acid batteries, the price of lead acid batteries is generally lower as compared to lithium-ion battery packs. Therefore lead acid batteries are commonly used in e rickshaw. E Rickshaw is a sustainable and cost-effective means of transportation that reduces noise as well as air pollution as compared to gas-powered auto rickshaws. Apart from being eco-friendly, the rickshaw also provides a source of livelihood for many drivers.

Lithium Ion Batteries

Types of Battery Used in E Rickshaw

E Rickshaw is generally powered by 4 swappable lead acid batteries. The lead acid battery is commonly used in E rickshaws, while some companies offer lithium-ion battery packs with their e rickshaw. Here we are providing information about the types of batteries used in E rickshaws.

  • Lead Acid Battery– A lead-acid battery rechargeable battery that is commonly used in E rickshaws because of its low price and impressive performance. Lead acid batteries use a chemical reaction involving lead dioxide and lead to generate electrical energy. A lead-acid battery contains a lead dioxide plate which acts as the positive electrode, sponge lead plates acting as the negative electrode, and a diluted sulphuric acid electrolyte. Lead acid battery comes with the advantages of low cost and high surge current delivery but it also comes with disadvantages like regular maintenance and limited cycle charge/discharge cycles.
  • Lithium Ion BatteriesLithium Ion battery is high-density and use lithium ions as the charge carriers between the positive and negative electrodes during the electrochemical reactions. This battery generally comes in a sealed design and the electrolyte typically comes in a liquid or a gel form. These lightweight batteries come with perks like high energy density, low self-discharging rate, etc. The price of Lithium-ion batteries is generally on the higher side as compared to lead acid batteries. 

Price and Cost of E Rickshaw Battery in India

Multiple Indian and international brands are offering lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries for e-rickshaws. E Rickshaw contains 4 swappable lead acid batteries. The price of e rickshaw battery depends on the brand and the capacity of the battery. You can choose the capacity of the battery as per your requirement. Here we are discussing the brand-wise price of E Rickshaw battery in India.

Eastman E Rickshaw Battery Price

Eastman E-Rickshaw Tubular Battery Price

Eastman batteries are the most efficient batteries for e-rickshaws. These batteries are specially designed for e-rickshaws, delivering high load performance, and less maintenance, thus offering the lowest per kilometer cost.  Here we are sharing details and the price of the Eastman E Rickshaw battery.

E Rickshaw BatteryDetails
Battery ModelE Shakti Powermax
TechnologyiCAT Approved Specially Designed Aqua Trap Plugs
Available Capacity125 Ah
130 Ah
135 Ah
145 Ah
150 Ah
160 Ah
Warranty12 Months Warranty for 125 Ah
15 Months Warranty for 130 Ah
18 Months Warranty for 135 Ah
15 Months Warranty for 145 Ah
18 Months Warranty for 150 Ah
24 Months Warranty for 160 Ah
PriceRs. 7500 for 100 Ah
Rs. 8500 for 110 Ah
Rs. 9500 for 130 Ah
Rs. 10500 for 140 Ah
Livguard E Rickshaw Battery Price

Livguard E-Rickshaw Battery Price and Details

E Rickshaw BatteryDetails
Battery ModelE Shakti Powermax
TechnologyFlat Plate and Advanced Grid Design
Available Capacity100 Ah
110 Ah
130 Ah
140 Ah
Warranty6 Months for 100 Ah
9 Months Warranty for 110 Ah
12 Months Warranty for 130 Ah
15 Months Warranty for 140 Ah
PriceRs. 7500 for 100 Ah
Rs. 8500 for 110 Ah
Rs. 9500 for 130 Ah
Rs. 10500 for 140 Ah
Tata Green Sawaar E E Rickshaw Battery Price

Tata Green Sawaar-E E Rickshaw Battery Price and Details

E Rickshaw BatteryDetails
Battery ModelTATA Green SAWAAR-E
TechnologyDeep Cycle Design with Robust and Modern Terminals
Available Capacity150 Ah
Warranty12 Months Warranty for 150 Ah
PriceRs. 13990 for 150 Ah
 Amaron Current EV E Rickshaw Battery Cost and Details
E Rickshaw BatteryDetails
Battery ModelCurrent EV
TechnologySatiated Wet Paste and Cell Bridge Construction Technology
Available Capacity130 Ah
Warranty12 Months Warranty
PriceRs. 11500
E Rickshaw Battery Price
Excide E-Ride Plus E Rickshaw Battery Price
E Rickshaw BatteryDetails
Battery ModelExcide E-Ride Plus
TechnologyDouble Clad Separation Bottom Anchoring of Element
Available Capacity100 Ah 120 Ah
Warranty6 Months Warranty for 100 Ah and 120 Ah
PriceRs. 7200 for 100 Ah
Rs. 8600 for 120 Ah  
Final Words

The battery is the crucial and most expensive part of E Rickshaw. We have provided you with the details and price of the most popular e-rickshaw battery available in India. But it is important to note that we have only provided the MRP and representational price of the E Rickshaw battery and the given price can change over time depending on your location.


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