Best Selling Electric Scooter in India 2023 Sales Report


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The popularity of Electric vehicles is gaining traction in India, now electric scooters and other electric vehicles are getting popular in the Indian automobile market. The increasing awareness of environmental safety, low vehicle running and maintenance costs, and various government subsidies on the purchase of new vehicles are the reasons behind the growing popularity of electric scooters. In this article we will compare the sale figures of multiple electric scooters and on the basis of sales figures; we will provide the Top 5 List of Best Selling Electric Scooter in India 2023

Best Selling Electric Scooter in India

Factors Behind Best Selling Electric Scooter in India 2023

The success and good sales of electric scooters depend on multiple factors. The environment-friendly nature, low running cost, and maintenance are the biggest factors behind the popularity of electric scooters in India. Here are some key factors behind the good sale of electric scooters.

  • Environmentally Friendly– Electric scooters are eco-friendly because they produce zero emissions. So consumers who are concerned about air pollution and climate change choose electric scooters because of their eco-friendly nature. 
  • Lower Operating Costs– Electric scooters offer low running and maintenance costs as compared to petrol-powered two-wheelers. This is one of the main reasons for the popularity of electric scooters.
  • Convenience and Easy Maintenance– Electric scooters are easy to charge at home or in public charging stations making them a convenient means of transportation.
  • Quiet Operation– Electric scooters are quieter when operated as compared to traditional petrol-powered scooters.
  • Government Incentives- The Government of India offers subsidies, discounts on vehicle registration, etc to promote the use of electric vehicles including electric scooters. This is another main reason behind the good sales of electric scooters.
  • Improved Battery Technology– New battery technologies are introduced like increased riding range, fast charging, improved performance, etc. This factor contributes to the widespread popularity and increased sales of electric scooters in India.
  • Increasing Awareness– People are getting more aware of the benefits of electric scooters therefore they consider the use of electric scooters as a cost-effective, environment-friendly mode of transportation.

Best Selling Electric Scooter in India in June & July 2023

 In India electric scooters of OLA, TVS, Bajaj, & Ather are getting more popular day by day because of their advanced technology, and performance-oriented electric scooters. The sale of electric scooters in the month of June 2023 was low but it gained a decent upward traction in the month of July 2023. Here we are providing you the electric scooter sales report for the months of June and July 2023

Brand NameJuneJulyMonth on Month Growth
OLA Electric17,62319,237+9%
TVS Motor7,85710,330+31%
Ather Energy4,5976,607+44%
Bajaj Chetak3,0024,086+36%
Ampere Vehicles3,0423,571+17%
Okinawa Autotech2,6192,263-14%
Okaya EV425784+84%
BGAUSS Auto190657+246%
Hero VIDA Electric465987+112%
Hero Electric1136778-32%
Best Selling Electric Scooter in India july Sales Report

After seeing the monthly sales report for June and July, we can see that Ola Electric is leading the Indian electric scooter market. Ather Energy, TVS motors, and Bajaj Chetak are also gaining a steady upward position because of their user-oriented and tech-advanced scooters.

Best Selling Electric Scooter in India in July and August 2023

In the month of August 2023, Indian electric scooter manufacturers witnessed a growth in their sales. More than 60,000 electric scooters were sold in the month of August. It shows that people are now trusting electric vehicles. As usual OLA Electric is again leading the electric two-wheeler segment with more than 18,000 electric scooters sold in the month of August.

Brand NameJulyAugustMonth on Month Growth
OLA Electric19,23718,718-4%
TVS Motor10,33015,471+48%
Ather Energy6,6077,129+6%
Bajaj Chetak4,0866,575         +59%
Ampere Vehicles3,5713,698+3%
Okinawa Autotech2,2632000-12%
Okaya EV7841150+46%
BGAUSS Auto657922  +39%
Hero VIDA Electric987­911-8%
Hero Electric778783+1%
Best Selling Electric Scooter in India August sales report

Best Selling Electric Scooter in India 2023 Top 5 List

Ola Electric best selling electric scooter of India

Ola Electric

Ola Electric is the highest-selling electric scooter in India. It is also very popular among young Indian buyers. The reason behind the popularity of the Ola electric scooter is its design and performance. Currently, Ola Energy has four electric scooter models in its portfolio OLA S1 Pro, OLA S1 Pro Gen 2, OLA S1 Air, and OLA S1 X

TVS iQube Logo

TVS Motor

TVS Motor is one of the trusted brands in the Indian two-wheeler segment. TVS Motor launched the iQube electric scooter in the Indian market. Since its launch TVS iQube became very popular in India. iQube offers a riding range of 100km/charge with a top speed of 80kmph.

 Best Selling Electric Scooter in India Ather Energy

Ather Energy

Ather Energy is currently offering 2 electric scooter models in India Ather 450 S and Ather 450X. Ather 450X is a performance-oriented electric scooter that delivers speedy acceleration with a responsive touch-screen dashboard, while Ather 450 S delivers engaging performance and great handling.

Bajaj Chetak EV

Bajaj Chetak

Previously Bajaj Chetak was petrol petrol-powered two-stroke scooter that used to be very popular in the Indian market. But now Bajaj Chetak has been re-launched as an electric scooter by Bajaj Auto, and it become very popular since its launch. Bajaj Chetak offers a riding range of 108km/charge. The charging time of Bajaj Chetak is 5 Hours and the top speed is of 63kmph.

 Ampere Energy

Ampere Energy

Ampere Energy offers 3 electric scooter models in India Magnus EX, Zeal EX, and Primus. The electric scooter of Ampere Energy offers a riding range of up to 121km/charge. The top speed of these scooters is just 53kmph which we found quite unimpressive

We hope you get the sales report of Best Selling Electric Scooter in India 2023. We hope that the future of electric two-wheelers is bright because more and more people now getting environment conscious and using an electric vehicle is an eco-friendly way to contribute towards our mother earth.


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